What are services offered by Evolable Asia?
With Evolable Asia, you can hire experienced developers to satisfy and meet your project needs. With 400 applicants monthly and one digit turnover rate, Our offshore development model is currently based in all across Vietnam in which we have maintained to recruit 794 developers working for various projects for 60 partners.
What is Lab Offshore Model?
Lab Offshore model is an offshore development model developed by Evolable Asia in which enables your company to have dedicated team in Vietnam. What distinguished this model to other offshore developments are the triple supports we provides. Our sales team are presents overseas to tackle your needs, Our Lab Managers will provide and assist your team in Vietnam with any logistical, and phsycological supports every day during the operation of your team. Lastly, our customer support team will assist any legal, and immigration needs in case you will want to locate any of your employees for long and short term in Vietnam, or hire your team onsite in various locations abroad.
How big can I open a lab?
We have experience in assisting clients to open their lab from as little as just one member, to over 100 members. Our IT consultants will help you to determine the size of your team based on your project requirements, and expected project outcome. We also provide Project Managers to handle and maintain your project onsite in Vietnam.
Where is the exact location of the Lab Model offshore development center?
We have many offices in various locations in Vietnam. We occupied 2 buildings in Ho Chi Minh City, and our labs also presents in Hanoi, and Da Nang.
How large is talent development pool in Vietnam?
We have a database of new engineers and developers applying for a new positions with approximately 400 new CVs each month. This access privilage is given to us thanks to our partnership to two biggest IT recruiter company in Vietnam.
What are Evolable Asia development team core competencies?
We are main core competencies vary in mobile development and web development. We are also providing team working on Internet of Things, Big data analysis and testing. All skills are listed in our websites, thus, our recruitment pricing and time process depend strictly in the project requirement provided by the clients since it's vary specifically from each of our clients.
If I hire a developer for full time, Will the developer work dedicatedly only to my project?
Yes. They will be hired just to work for you. 40 hours a week, everyday.
What is the quality of people you employ?
In general we hire mostly talents with at least 3 years of experience. Based on specific demands, we also hire junior engineers/developers with 1-2 years of experiences mostly for team member positions. For team leader position we set a minimum requirement of business English and/or Japanese.
Would you replace the developer if I am not satisfied?
Yes, as long as you state a clear reason and give us at least 60 days notice. We will try our best to find similar or better candidates.
What timezone is Evolable Asia in?
Evolable Asia Offshore Development Center is located in Vietnam, therefore we use GMT+7 timezone. It is 2 hours difference to Japan and 14 hours difference with California.
What benefits can you guarantee?
Broad competencies and skills, the broadest in the Vietnamese Offshore market, efficient process to start your team on board in as fast as 14 days, and proven strengths in confidentiality and security. Also our managements provide services in Vietnamese, Japanese and English.
How do you assure confidentiality
We will sign NDA agreement between the client and us, and between all team members recruited and us to assure the confidentiality of the project and Intellectual Property security.
Can you guarantee time bound result?
Yes. For recruitment it takes in average of 14 days including finding the CVs, Interviews and offering assuming all responses in a timely manner. Time frame will vary depend on the client interview availabilities and the decision making process by the clients.
Why should we trust you?
Evolable Asia have 5 years of experience in providing offshore development services and have hired 794 engineers until 2017. Unlike many others, our lab model gives unlimited supports to your team, you and your projects. We also multinationals and multilinguals company with english as the official language.
Do you offer any discount?
For new client we offer "no term and conditions" 10 % discounts. For project longer than a year we give additional 10% discount starting from day 1 of your project.
What contract and agreement do you sign?
Partnership Agreement, NDA Agreement and Memorandum of Understanding (detailed specifically to each client and project)
Can you come onsite?
Yes. We provide a services for you to hire engineers & developers onsite your office around the world.
Do you provide technical support and maintenance?
Yes. Our IT and Support team will ensure all logistical needs of your members are in the most maximum. We have one of the fastest secure internet connection in Vietnam, and private VPN to ensure your security and project completeness
Will my hired developers speak english?
Yes. Even though they might have accent in speaking, but we always ensure that our developers can directly communicate to you in daily basis, especially the team leaders
Will I own all the source codes produce by my offshore team?
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